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We at HAND Contractors believe that the secret to success is achieved through a healthy working relationship between all staff members. We pride ourselves on approaching tasks with full knowledge communicated clearly to all employees.


The Company Safety Policy forms the backbone of our corporate culture and ensures that Health and Safety is a fundamental feature of our day-to-day activities. We dedicate a significant amount of time and resources to ensure that it remains one of our core disciplines.

The term Health & Safety refers not only to the safe working conditions of our staff, but it also extends to the safety of other contractors, site visitors and members of the public.

To view our Health & Safety Policy, contact us to request a copy via email.


 HAND Contractors is aware of the impact that the Construction Industry can have on the Environment, in the scarring of the landscape, pollution, use of resources and disturbing the balance of nature. We therefore recognise our responsibilities and work progressively to alleviate the damaging effect in the following areas of operation;

These Environmental Standards are promoted throughout the Company and communicated to employees and sub-contractors.


Implementation of our Quality Management System has established the guidelines within which staff can perform the tasks allocated to them in a consistent manner and by which they will be made clearly aware of the expectations of the Managing Director in respect of their methods and standards of performance. The Quality Management System is the embodiment of the corporate policy of providing a high quality service which meets the Client’s requirements in an efficient and cost effective manner.


Download our GDPR document: 

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Download our HAND  2021 Policy Insurance: 

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